Have you ever found yourself stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting or even worse, late because you couldn’t find parking once you got there? What if those feelings were a thing of the past? We all know our cities are the future and Philly’s very own JUNTO Electric Bicycles is here to make it happen.

REC is teaming up with JUNTO for an exciting collaboration. To kick it off, we’re running a contest and want to see you flex your creative skills by designing your own bike wrap around these three words: Community, Connectivity, and Freedom. Consider what those words mean to you and how they relate to JUNTO and REC. 

JUNTO and REC are dedicated to supporting local artists and will be giving one lucky designer 3 FREE months of membership at REC Philly and an insane discount on their very own JUNTO electric bicycle! PLUS the winning designer will get to see their design come to life on one of JUNTO’s eBikes.

Throw your name in the ring!

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