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As congestion worsens in our cities, the solution for our personal sanity and our collective benefit, is to get cars off the road.   Find out how a Junto e-bike can save you money and time and reduce stress in your life.

Thinking of buying an electric bike? Commuter ebikes like Junto are a practical alternative to driving that is both more efficient and more fun. And since Americans waste almost 7 billion hours in traffic every year, we need a way out of the car. Ebikes have all the benefits of biking without all the sweat; although 67% of cyclists said they needed a shower after a standard bike trip, 74% didn’t need a shower after riding their ebike.

Once you’re out of the car and in the bike lane, the savings are substantial. More than 80% of survey respondents agreed that electric bikes functionally replace cars (League of American Bicyclists), so you can save time and money on commuting and everyday driving. On average, traffic forces travelers to allow 48 minutes for a trip that would otherwise take 20. At a consistent 20 mph, ebikes let you skip the gridlock so you can get to work faster and pumped up from the ride, not worn down from the traffic. Plus, parking is free! Park anywhere and take Junto’s detachable battery into work to charge.

We need to start use alternative transit like ebikes now because congestion is getting worse. In 2020, Americans will waste an estimated 8.3 billion hours in traffic. That’s an average of 47 hours per person! Between gas and wasted time, the congestion “tax” will cost commuters $1,100 each. Your eBike will allow you to reclaim two days of your time and reduce congestion costs for everyone.

But getting cars off the road isn’t just good for us; it’s good for the planet. In the U.S., increasing bicycle and pedestrian trips by 3% would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 million tons. Commuter ebikes are highly efficient, averaging 570 miles on the equivalent of a gallon of gas. That leaves A typical hybrid car's 50 mpg miles behind, and while various companies are pushing electric cars as the future of transportation, these vehicles only get around 114 mpg. And you’re still stuck in traffic!

55% of car trips taken in the United States are under 10 miles. On your eBike, these trips are quicker, cheaper, and less stressful. Reducing congestion has widespread personal, civic, and environmental benefits, and electric bikes offer a vehicle that is economical for you and for society. Join the eBike revolution and make your transportation faster, fitter, and more fun.