We choose only superior, industry leading bike and eDrive components that are guaranteed to be extremely reliable. If you have any problems, our warranty policy is as follows:

Frame warranty: 5 years

Fork, handlebar stem & seat post: 1 year

Also, if any part, within the first year, proves to be a manufacturing flaw, we will replace that part.  Tires, spokes and rims are excluded after 30 days.

Battery & eDrive warranty: One year warranty on the battery, sensor, controller and motor.  If the parts returned to Junto are deemed to have suffered extreme abuse or neglect, the warranty will be voided. JUNTO will carry replacement parts and will be available to work with independent bike shops to help troubleshoot any DRIVE ISSUES. 

Parts & Repair Assistance:  Please note that all JUNTO (bike)  parts are of the highest quality from world renowned producers.  Regarding wheels, spokes, tires, gear sets and handlebars, any bike shop will be able to fix your routine wear and tear…just like a car repair shop can fix most of a car’s daily issues. 

Please contact JUNTO at info@juntoebike.com or call us at 1-215-290-3556 if you have any questions regarding the warranty or to arrange a warranty repair.

     Warranty will be voided due to Exceptions to mis-use, accidents, and commercial or racing usage.