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The MetroMule

The JUNTO MetroMule allows you to get to where you’re going fast, without compromising on storage, all while lowering your carbon footprint. It’s the first utility eBike with three storage compartments, so you can carry everything you need with ease. 

Key Features Include:
  • 500W brushless motor
  • Torque-sensing technology
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • 40-60 miles per charge ($0.06 per charge)
  • 3 Convenient cargo compartments
  • Carry + tow up to 450lbs
  • Free shipping + 30-day satisfaction guarantee 

The JUNTO MetroMule allows you to get to where you’re going fast, without compromising on storage, all while lowering your carbon footprint. It’s the first utility eBike with three storage compartments, so you can carry everything you need with ease.


We plant 5 trees for every JUNTO sold with the NFF!

The Ultimate Utility eBike 

The MetroMule is one of the most versatile eBikes in the world. It’s a light weight, fully functional cargo bike with a small footprint that we’ve dubbed, The Ultimate Utility eBike. Whether you’re grabbing groceries, commuting to work, headed to the park or just bopping around town, the MetroMule is built to tackle it all in style. 


Custom Built JUNTO hub motor w/ torque sensor 

Up to 45+

Miles per Charge

Less Carbon

5 trees planted for each bike


Payload Capacity


Trust Us
It’s Real

Our proprietary Torque Sensor and Motor Combination is so efficient that we are able to get the equivalent of 750w of power from a much lighter and more compact 500w motor.

Other eBike companies use heavy, high wattage motors with inefficient direct-drive systems. These clunky, outdated systems feel muddy and slow when compared to our’s. JUNTO's torque-sensing pedal assist drive system creates a seamless connection between your pedaling and the motor's power output. The pedal assist feels incredible and provides a massive amount of torque with minimal effort, making hauling your cargo and tackling hills a breeze. Dial in your perfect ride and feel the JUNTO difference.

2021 MetroMule Specs


JUNTO Custom - 500w Brushless Motor

Our custom designed 500w brushless motor packs a punch and tackles hills with ease.


Class 1 eBike - Legal Everywhere

No registration needed! JUNTO eBikes are standard as Class 1, pedal assist only. They’re legal almost everywhere in the United States. 

Torque Sensor 

JUNTO eBikes come standard with torque sensors to provide a seamless and rewarding pedal assist experience. You’ll climb hills faster and have more fun riding.

Integrated Lights 

MetroMules come with integrated lighting to make sure you’re visible and safe no matter the conditions.

40-60 Mile Range per Charge 

Go anywhere and haul anything with impressive battery range. Whether heading to work, the store, or the other side of the city, worrying about dead batteries will be a thing of the past. 

36v , 13.4 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Our high output battery provides phenomenal range and excellent power 

Cargo + Geometry 

Rider Height

4'11" - 6'4"

Seat Height

33" - 41" (measured from the ground)

Seat Tube Length


Bike Weight

57 lbs

Frame Size


Standover Height


Handlebar Width


Payload Capacity

500 lbs

Handlebar Height


Total Length


Seat Tube Diameter


Handlebar Reach




Max Tire Width


3 Convenient Cargo Compartments

Our custom frame geometry includes 3 versatile cargo spaces. Front and rear racking systems with our exclusive center console design ensure you never have to compromise on storage again.

Adjustable Handlebars + Saddle 

Customize your fit to ensure the most comfortable ride possible. 

450 lbs of Carrying / Towing Capacity

With a super strong aluminum frame and our punchy 500w custom hub motor you can carry or tow everything you need.

Aluminum Construction 

Strong and light, our 100% aluminum frame reduces the overall weight of the bike and makes it incredibly strong.

One Size Fits All

The MetroMule is perfectly sized to comfortably accommodate riders from 5’2” to 6’6” 

Modular Rack Accessories

New rack accessories coming soon!

Bike Components  

Hydraulic Disk Brakes 

Massive amount of stopping power to ensure you and your cargo are safe and in control at all times.

Center Mounted Kickstand 

Our super strong cargo-ready center mounted kickstand makes parking and loading your MetroMule easy as pie.

Puncture Resistant Tires 

Custom jump style BMX tires give the MetroMule extra resistance against punctures and extra cushion on bumpy terrain.

Integrated Fenders

Custom built fenders come as standard on the MetroMule to help keep the elements at bay.

Flip-Up Seat

Our nifty saddle hinge allows you to flip your seat up vertically so you can access your battery at a moments notice.

9-Speed MicroSHIFT Gear Set 

MicroSHIFT gear sets are high quality, reliable, and ready for anything.

Gone are the days of balancing grocery bags on your handlebars. Gone are the days of overpacking your backpack or fumbling with milk crates. With the JUNTO MetroMule, you’ll never have to compromise on storage space again! 

Our three-compartment design allows you to bring the party, or whatever else you need, along for the ride… don’t worry, we won’t judge. ;) Whether you’re grabbing groceries, doing laundry, or making that vital beer run on game day, the MetroMule has you covered to carry everything and more.



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